10 Best jQuery Plugins Developed in July 2013

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Plugins perform an important role to boost up a website. Jquery plugins are very much beneficial and supportive as well to get a job done in a simple and sophisticated way. Here you will have a look at some great jQuery Plugins that has been shared in July 2013. The list of plugins starts from animation plugins, social media plugins like to link with Facebook, Twitter, menu plugins, tooltip plugins and Timezone plugins too. You will have some exact experiences here.  Also many other featuring jquery plugins can be experienced just have a look below:

matt tabs


A jquery plugin that is developed in July 2013 and grasp the attention of a million people in a short period. This is absolutely simple, unobtrusive jquery plugin for promoting tabbed interfaces. Matt Tabs tries make an effort to be as a lightweight and unobtrusive as it can be. Like it doesn’t need any additional HTML to be included in your markup to deploy for a tab menu. In spite when mtabs is used to a factor, it will deploy pre-existing surplus for the tab text and later will create and include all the HTML it requires. Some other deep influences you will have with the matt-tabs.

jquery Chord


jQuery.Chord is actually a plugin library for jQuery 1.3+. This permits you to find and implement user keyword input. This can succeed by wiring Chord up to snoop for key series popular as chords, located by a user. The history of Chords connects back with John Resig’s jUQery. hotkeys, actually chords were inspired by him. Well here are many big fans of jQuery.hotkeys as well as John, the plugin has limited functionality, included in chord. Here are chances Chord may be linked to do to any DOM node in order to snoop for a series of keywords activity within that node and the concern descendants. With this simplest form Chord can be activated.

jquery observer


This is the one of the recently developed jQuery plugins. This is used for the consideration of changes . The observer is the most amazing jQuery plugin that’s designed with a purpose to give callbacks on modifications in forms. Use this one and look out the changes that have been done. You can observe a lot more with this recently developed tool. Give your working experience a stretch with jQuery-Observer.


To maintain the site work users need some appropriate tools so they can get quick access over the site. Some work on navigation tools while most prefer to work upon jQueryEachSelector. Users must need to choose in the DOM different factors with difficult selectors to do the same style at all. Use this one and know about its featuring elements as how it works.

How-to use

    '#otherElement > a',
]).css({ color : 'yellow'});

Another approach

 $('.element').find('> a.test').add(
    $('#otherElement > a')
      color : 'red'

jquery plugin add to home

jquery plugin add to home

iOS 6 included an amazing feature that permits users’ to make HTML5 websites impression and realize domestic. However the website requires to be included to the users’ homescreen to be influential. This small plugin shows off an “add to home” message on iOS gadgets. jQuery plugin add to home proffers multiple options as styles are applied using default option, and must only be messed with, if you are aware what you doing. This has five properties that are simple to edit: arrowStyles, pStyles, triangleDiameter, elStyles and html. The triangleDiameter defaults to 10 and holds how stretchy the arrow is: modifying this valye will amazingly restore location the message box, if you deploy the default elStyles. The pStyles, elStyles and arrowStyles are all objects and show off a hoard of CSS styles to be implemented to the corresponding DOM factors.



Glowspot is the most developed 2013 jQuery Plugin that delivers spontenuous results in front of people and let them to enjoy what they want? Glowspot deploys an HTML5 canvas factor to stretch out a Chrome reflecting glowing effect in the background of elements as the users scrolls mouse over them. Let’s celebrate your new experience with Glowspot and enjoy how it will flee in the air. This is the exclusive style to systematize your working and web site as well. You must try this one as it has now been developed and converted into its latest form.


jQuery Nice File Input

jQuery Nice File Input

Another tremendous experience for users with jQuery Nice File Input Plugin. It provides impressive impression file input HTML element, rather making all types of customizations to adjust your application is so simple and easy. Its evolving features begin with automatic adjust size attribute in Firefox version <22, optional width for browser button, optional width for file input factors and lightweight 0.95kb. Moreover this nice file input has been checked with jQuery 1.9+ and some other major browsers, like IE8+ (win), Safari 3.2+ (Mac, Win), Chrome 6+ ( Mac, Linux, Win), Opera 8+ (Win, Linux and Win) and firefox 2+ (Win, Mac and Linux)


jQuery based from library to control information in js objects. It permits users’ to control info within a javascript object such as through JSON demand with transparent HTML. It allows you to handle data within a javascript object (like from a JSON request) with plain html. The revolving features begin from complete standard HTML with info existing in the js object, support necessary functions for formatting experiencing html markup and maintain collection validation functionality. Moreover this update a current js object with modifications within a form, give helper techniques to support array manipulation deploying just html markup. This is also compatible with jquery ui.

Quick Start

<script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://raw.github.com/corinis/jsForm/master/src/jquery.jsForm.js"></script>
    // some json data
    var jsonData = {
        name: "TestName",   // standard inputs
        description: "long Description\nMultiline", // textarea
        links: [{href:'http://www.gargan.org',description:'Gargan.org'},{href:'http://www.github.com',description:'GitHub'}],   // lists
        active: true,   // checkbox
        state: "VISIBLE"    // selects (enums)

    // initialize the form, prefix is optional and defaults to data

    $("#show").click(function() {
        // show the json data
        alert(JSON.stringify($("#details").jsForm("get"), null, " "));
<h1>Simpel Form Test</h1>
<div id="details">
    Name: <input name="data.name"/><br/>
    <input type="checkbox" name="data.active"/> active<br/>
    <textarea name="data.description"></textarea><br/>
    <select name="data.state">
        <option value="VISIBLE">visible</option>
        <option value="IMPORTANT">important</option>
        <option value="HIDDEN">hidden</option>
        <ul class="collection" data-field="data.links">
            <li><span class="field">links.description</span> Link: <input name="links.href"/> <button class="delete">x</button></li>
    <button class="add" data-field="data.links">add a link</button><br/>
    Additional field: <input name="data.addedField"/>
<button id="show">Show Object</button>

webrtc jquery plugin

webrtc jquery plugin

This amazing plugin activates the real-time streaming of audio and video as well between two web-browsers. You can install it with few steps as download and unzip the source, shift the source into your www directory, then disclose the page http://yourserver/ and enjoy.



flipLightBox is a free Responsive Lightbox jQuery Plugin and it has no more style sheets, libraries and scripts as well. The leadin feature is an optional flip effect as every lightbox picture closes and discloses. One more optional feature is toggled slide text bar and accompany’s navigation the lightbox images as well.

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