7 Amazing Long Shadow Generators That Will Surprise you

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Even if someone knows CSS3 very well, some have worked for hours for task completion and for this there are various tools available deploying that one can complete projects in a quick way. These amazing tools are amazing for forms creation, curve boxes, buttons, page and many other CSS3 generated stuff. The inspiration of online tools is that they run within the users browser, saves users from having to download some heavy program that one may have used once.

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Long Shadow Generators

Long Shadow Generator

Long Shadow Generator

Long shadow effects became very fashionable with the flat style trend and brand new pop-ups on a daily basis to change making them. A free Photoshop extension, Long Shadows Generator, is perhaps the simplest answer for Photoshop users.

It is easy, simply apply the shadow length, opacity, and angle and set the opacity. It tends to produce free and premium graphic, style and internet resources. This tends to thrive on transferable it is the simplest in every of our fantastically crafted resources.


There is little doubt that the long shadow style trend is in immediate and plenty of individuals doing it – though it does not supply any notable operate to style. The Long Shadow Generator may be a free Photoshop plug-in that enables you to come up with long shadows with ease. This will be able to select the shadow length, shadow opacity, black/white shadow and therefore the shadow angle.

Within the flat style trend on the increase at the instant, particularly during this world of the net, one factor that stands out is that the use of long flat shadows, significantly for little UI components and icons. These shadows have a characteristic 45º angle below the horizontal axis and a gradient color near the background shade will be applied. This technique is by no suggests that new. It’s forever been a widely-used resource in photography to emphasize shapes and transmit totally different emotions to the viewer.

Long Shadow Generator

Long Shadow Generator

‘Long Shadow Generator’ may be a free Photoshop extension to convey the long shadow impact to Photoshop layers. As the Photoshop core has limitations, and you can’t offer long shadow impact to layers “Long Shadow Generator” a free Photoshop plug-in solves this drawback. It appears that “long shadows” square measure the new trend of late. Currently this will apply this vogue nice and simple to any form of layers. It works with sensible objects and it is obtainable in a pair of directions at 45 degrees. Enjoy!


Long Shadow Generator

We have mentioned a brand new rising style trend known as Long Shadow style within the previous post, and nowadays their square measure varied a lot of samples of long shadow style implementations we will notice on-line – significantly.

Long Shadow Generator

Additionally shared a nicely crafted photo set with long shadow. However, if you have been ever questioned, however it will be able to produce this shadow impact yourself, you are on the correct post. Shortly, once this trend had become a buzz within the style community, Raul Taciu of GraphicBurger created this Long Shadow Generator, which could be a PSD file that consists of a bunch of layers.

This can transfer the file here (or here), open it up in Photoshop, and that we square measure set. It is value noting however, that you just want a minimum of Photoshop CS5 to open the file.


Whenever This would like to place my ego in restraint, it is going to Chris Coyier’s new CodePen.IO site.  CodePen.IO is a fantastic showcase of markup language, CSS, and JavaScript, displaying the abilities of developers making effects that ninety-nine of the world’s front-end developers could not produce. CodePen created with solely markup language and CSS, could be a circular knob that illuminates the chosen worth once clicked. The worth modification is highlighted by opacity shine and invigorating round the circle. An excellent deed while not JavaScript!


Flat style is employed by all major mobile operational systems + several fashionable websites and it’s a rising trend. This trend has its sub-trends wherever one amongst them is that the “long shadow” result used for parts. In order to form such effects with ease, there is a free PSD file referred to as Long Shadow Generator (which works with sensible objects).

Shadows square measure obtainable from either side and that they work with any form of layers. This is probably grasping that long shadow square measure new style trend and that they look nice. Manufacturing that sort of shadow is extremely time overwhelming, particularly after you ought to create them in many parts or text. That is why I created Long Shadow Generator Photoshop Action (atn) – to avoid wasting your tons of your time and to assist you manufacture prime quality, perpetual good shadows! This action works with rasterized layers, text and vectors. With many provided actions, it may be able to manufacture sort of shadow.

Long Shadow Generator – Free Photoshop Action

Long Shadow Generator - Free Photoshop Action

Flat style is large at once, and plenty of individuals adore the long shadow vogue. Long shadows are a very nice bit to flat style; because otherwise, everything would be too plain. That is their opinion, at least. This week, I found a protracted shadow generator, which is an associate degree a wing extension for Photoshop. RayPS, WHO that will notice on Dribbble, absolutely created it and this will additionally visit his website. The Photoshop long shadow generator may be a nice extension for Photoshop. It is utterly free, and it’s a very handy very little plug-in for making the long shadow impact in seconds

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