7 Killer Apps Useful To Design and Customize Your 3D Designs

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The 3D design technology has extensive credentials under its hood. It is a famed concept that is all set to revolutionize the world.

The concept of 3D Design has been quite popular for the last few years. This unique and innovative representation has amazingly evolved as a prolific art. There are several people who are leveraging the benefits of 3D designing and their number is incessantly increasing. It comes with no surprise that many institutes teach 3D designing, and a whopping number of individuals enroll in this subject.

7 Killer Apps Useful To Design and Customize Your 3D Designs

In fact, the technology industry also realizes the high potential that the 3D design technology embraces. It can be anticipated to have 3D designs as the mainstream in the approaching future. And if that happens, this technology will bring a valuable change in the design industry.

With the immense popularity of the 3D designs across the globe, professionals have developed various brilliant applications that allow one to create 3D designs with a flair. If you are interested in creating or tailoring a 3D design, it would be worth to ponder into a list of useful mobile applications that augment 3D designing. Moreover, this handful list of applications also allows one to stay productive at his work, even when he is not at his workplace.

After exploring various websites and reviewing the end users feedbacks, I have compiled a list of 7 3D Design Applications that is absolutely worth consideration. Let’s have a glance at each application one by one.


Tinkerplay is a free Android application that lets one bring his creative side in front. You can design, customize, and 3D print a desired object with ease. Whether it is a cartoon character, scary creature, or any other image that you want to create in 3D, this application makes a fabulous choice. The best thing about the application is that it is extremely easy to get started and create ravishing 3D design patterns. Thanks to the resourceful built-in library from which you can efficiently drag desired parts and collaborate them in a manner to generate a desired 3D shape or texture.

You can even choose to customize your previously created 3D design with this application. Its intuitive interface makes it absolutely easy to use. What’s more? You may even choose to use the character templates that come complete with this application and create your own designs. It is also compatible with 3D printers so you can smoothly take 3D prints of your 3D designs.

SketchUp Mobile Viewer

SketchUp is yet another fabulous application that offers a brilliant way to draw 3D designs. While providing conspicuous functions, it ensures a great usability with its user-friendly UI design and simple features. You can conveniently draw 3D models and tweak them with the incorporated tools to create a suitable model. It sorts all the layers in an alphabetic order to make it easier for designers to work with the tool. Since, it has an elucidated documentation and video tutorial, it is easier to work with this tool. This prolific 3D design iOS application is compatible with both iPhone and iPad and available at an affordable price.


123D Sculpt+

The Autodesk 123D Sculpt+ facilitates one to create 3D sculptures with a great precision. This powerful application is absolutely easy to use and lets one create impressive designs on both Android and iOS platforms. Not only the professionals can reap the benefits of this tool, but anyone can use it and convert his ideas into visual designs. Simply design your creation and add detailed features as you want. Once you are satisfied with your 3D design, you can print the image via a compatible 3D printer. The application delivers an amazing performance and is extolled for its valuable features.


You can miraculously boost your design workflow and productivity with this blissful 3D design application. It allows one to create desired 3D models on the go via an iPad. Although this application is available for free, you may choose to use the upgraded features and advanced functions that are offered along this application as in-app purchases. You can proficiently draw 3D objects and beautify them by integrating shapes, text and colors included in the resourceful, built-in 3D libraries. Moreover, the recently updated version of the Morphi application offers prolific features like it supports Adobe Creative Cloud, so you can download the requisite file and upload your 3D designs on the Creative cloud.


Thingverse is a bit different from the types of other applications included in this list. Developed by MarketBot, Thingverse offers you an exposure to a design community where you can explore, share and create 3D designs. With the Thingverse application, you access the Thingverse community as per your convenience, and seamlessly share the inspiring photos on your social media websites.


GCodePrintr is another useful application that helps one to flawlessly and smoothly manage his 3D printer from his handy Android device. It offers hassle-free connection, as you can choose between the USB OTG Host port or the Bluetooth. It augments the printing speed and showcase various details, including filament usage, speed, estimated print time, and so forth. Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about its compatibility with printers, since it supports a range of printer options, and a plethora of 3D printers.

123D Design

Compatible with iPad, this free iOS application allows designers to proficiently create high quality 3D printable designs. You can choose a basic shape to begin designing. It offers a fun way to play with innovative design ideas. This awesome application will surely improve your productivity and help you deliver outstanding designs with ease.


You can see 3D designs all around, they are used in advertisements, magazines, movies and several other areas. While they appear interesting and impressive, it is not a child’s play to create or personalize a 3D design. Fortunately, we have a range of useful applications that make 3D designing a breeze. I hope the above included applications will help you stay ahead of the competition, and revamp your design workflow and productivity.

Author Signature: Addison Cohen is a mobile app developer working with Appsted Ltd. You can contact him if you want to hire iPhone app developer for the development of the most comprehensive mobile application solutions. He loves sharing latest information on mobile technologies like iOS, Android development processes.

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