A Flexiable Replacement of HTML Textboxes – FlexboxjQuery Plugin

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A Flexiable Replacement of HTML Textboxes - FlexboxjQuery Plugin

Flexbox is a jQuery Plugin, absolutely awesome and specific part of the future layout. The main purpose of Flexiable is to be very flexible for replacements for HTML textboxes and dropdowns as well with the use of Ajax to take back and connect JSON data. Flexbox is completely awesome and syntax has changed quite a bit over the preceding years, rather the Old and new syntax.  But if someone weave together the new & old and between syntaxes, one can avail amazing browser support, particularly for elegant and probably the most common usage case: order controlled grids.

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Now what is FlexBox exactly?

This is a dynamic control that can present itself as combobox with per result HTML templates a recommended box such as Google search either data driven type ahead input box. The significant part of Flexbox is it supports Skinning & Theming through CSS, flexible paging, fully configurable client side cache and much more. This is clearly flexible and simple to use, very slick. Noah Heldman developed Flexbox; he served it as an open source project hosted on CodePlex. The plus factor is that it is well documented also having getting started guide and have a demo for users’ assistance. Noah has done a great job with this plugin, this is best for users who are searching for textbox or dropdown.


CSS Flexbox Support

Now the CSS Flexbox specification is a real working draft and things will change its shape. You can check their tutorials for potential working in the future, as browsers change their flexbox implementation to associate with the specification. Users can know a lot with CSS Flexbox tutorial as it fulfills their needs.

Browser Support

If someone does all this weaving one can easily get:

  • Chrome any
  • Firefox any
  • Safari any
  • Opera 12.1+
  • IE 10+
  • iOS any
  • Android any

Though the biggest experience can be availed with IE however overall this is good. If someone is working with an attractive mobile specific version of a site, then you are enjoying a better shape. Users can test it on Windows Phone as well. On the other hand Firefox 19 is a bit buggy and all users need to take a look of it such as it collapses multiple sides to enhance user experience so may they can have an explicit experience with awesome content paragraphs width.

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