Beautiful Responsive CSS3 Tabs with 6 Different Visual Themes

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Responsive Web Design and CSS

Responsive web design has become an important part of a web design; more and more people are accessing the web from their mobile devices so designers need to make sure that user’s experience on their websites is seamless no matter what device is being used. When making a web site designers and developers consider so many things that make their website functional and beautiful. People are trying to figure out an easy and appropriate way to make a responsive web design. With rapid development in new technology a lot of tools are introduced every now and then in order to simplify things. Simple planning and design organization can do wonders in web designing. Most of the times designers and developers need combination of small modification and minimal coding this is what CSS3 come into play. Users need to organize the data in a way traffic coming in seeing what their content is all about. When creating a website, one of the things that have an essential part in creating a website is menus and navigation.

Beautiful Responsive CSS3 Tabs with 6 Different Visual Themes

Beautiful Responsive CSS3 Tabs with 6 Different Visual Themes

Tabbed Navigation

Tabbed navigation plays an important role in web designing from so many years. It is frequently used by the designer because it provides a neat and organized way to link different sections of a website. There are various techniques that designers can use in web design especially in Tab’s navigation. Beautiful tabbed navigation helps to encourage the web visitors to stay back, absorb their content and continue to enjoy their website as tab navigations present a systemized way of knowing what is in the store.

TABS are aiming to present user’s website content in a way that visitors of the website is able to determine what they need further. Designers are actually favoring them by providing a mind map for their own research. They can make it more pleasurable experience by using CSS tabs on their websites.

Tabbed Navigation an Essential Part of a Web Design

Tabbed navigation is an essential element of any web structure so that visitors can appropriately navigate through the website. One of the biggest challenges users face is to add simple and nice tabbed navigation that helps visitors where they should be clicking. Sometimes using tags just make a lot of sense for example if they have limited amount of screen, tabs can allow them to save room by giving the users a way to toggle between different items in a small space. Tabbed navigation consists of buttons or tabs and it is located usually at the top of the page.

Beautiful Responsive CSS3 Tabs with 6 Different Visual Themes

Tabbed navigation is becoming more and more popular, many sites and it’s possible to create a tabbed navigation using just Html codes and CSS. When arranging the tabbed navigation it’s important to include both the current location as well as the possible target. Well design tabs display their current location with their active state which set them apart from the inactive tabs. Active tabs can be highlighted by color, size, and font weight among other things.

Users should understand the nature of the content and information they are using on their website. It is necessary because tabbed navigation is must in a web design. One of the biggest challenges for them is finding ways to place a lot of information on a page without losing usability. Tabbed navigation using CSS is a great way to handle the issue.


Beautiful Responsive CSS3 Tabs with 6 Different Visual Themes

Create Tabbed Navigation Using jQuery

Creating tabbed navigation suddenly becomes a piece of cake when using the tab navigation function in the JQUERY. There are so many ways of creating tabbed navigation in the Jquery but the general idea is the same. There is a collection of jquery tabbed navigation plugins that users find very useful to improve the site’s tab user experience.

The Jquey is one of the powerful tools to enhance navigation and makes it stand out; with jquery users can bring together both the creative and usable. Poor navigation takes away users from great content, that’s where the jquery and CSS3 come handy. With the features and customization that jquery and CSS3 offer to designers and developers, they can create perfect navigation for their websites. Users can use them to customize them for their specific needs.

Beautiful Responsive CSS3 Tabs with 6 Different Visual Themes

Pure Css3 Tabs jQuery Plugin

PURE CSS3 TABS is a simple and clean responsive solution for creating tabbed navigation on user’s websites or blog without any use of Javascript, it works very well in an interface. This is a flexible, simple to use plugin, it includes four layouts. The user can display tab with four different positions such as right, left, bottom, top, and allows users to apply multiple tabs in the same article. This plugin offers a choice of 6 beautiful different visual themes. These themes are designed with pure CSS and no images; it helps designers to create new themes easily because of the pure CSS nature and design. Creating tabbed interface has become a piece of cake with the help of PURE CSS3 TABS. It can be utilized to create unique interface and makes adding tabs on a website very simple. This plugin is fully responsive and offers users lots of customization options and can be easily integrated into any web design.
Some of the features are summarized below such as

Beautiful Responsive CSS3 Tabs with 6 Different Visual Themes

  • Responsive jquery plugin
  • 6 different beautiful and interesting visual themes to choose from
  • It can be used as a wizard
  • It offers multiple animations on pure CSS3
  • Includes fluid grid system
  • Typography set
  • It does not include any fixed height
  • Insert tabs in any article
  • Offers 4 layouts
  • Plugin includes various examples for the users
  • It offers 249 vector icons
  • Valid and clean code
  • Provides step by step documentation

Compatible with Different Browsers

Compatible with Different Browsers

This plugin works well with different browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and more.


This is simple and useful plugin for tabbed navigation that helps developers and designers to make their website more expressive and functional. It makes adding navigation to the tabs super easy. It is free to use and works perfectly with many browsers.

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  1. Natasha

    July 29, 2013 at 4:40 am

    its simply cool and fully professional coded tabs solution that i got finally.

  2. Tiffin Kinley

    July 30, 2013 at 7:13 am

    Good work, Thanks!

  3. Olivia

    July 31, 2013 at 5:30 am

    didn’t know you could do that before, always did that with JavaScript.

    • Yemista Blog

      July 31, 2013 at 12:10 pm

      This CSS3 code is sure to provide less overhead to your website or blog.

  4. Deepanker

    August 13, 2013 at 11:48 am

    thanks for this great development guide. i am using its customize version in my project

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