Let’s Absorb into Exciting Color themes with Glowspot background hover effect

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jQuery Plugins and Modren Web Must Try It

jQuery has an essential part in the web development; it helps to make user’s websites and web pages more interactive and interesting. Using jquery multiple elements of a website can be set. User can give a direction to their creativity using jquery plugins. They can make stylish image galleries, animation effects and amazing text effect with the help of plugins. User can create color effects, hover effects, light effects and much more as well.

Hover Effects

Developer and designer change the look of their websites using jquery to add hover effects to their own websites and blog. If the visitors are visiting user’s website they can see the hover effects exactly as users design them to work. They can apply hover effects on any element of their website whether it is a text, link, an image, etc. For example if users wanted to give blue background with CSS every paragraph appears with blue background when a reader hover their cursor over the paragraph. And background color turns back normal as cursor moves off the paragraph. Users can make various cool stuff using hover effects such as they can change links colors, back ground colors, effects for images, tilt an image on hover, image outlines on hover.

Hover Effects

Glow Effect

One interesting effect that users see in graphics is the Glow effect. The glow effect follows the mouse cursor around, on the background area of desired element. User are able to render the effects through the Html5 canvas utility however most of the option can be modify at user’s will. Users can change color, transparency and radius. Glow effect can be applied on any color background but they look fabulous on dark background, once users know which element they want to add the Glow effect, they can add any style like color, size, font, etc. The Glow effect can also be applied when the user focuses over a link. It’s a pretty cool effect and how users implement its up to them .It can be used on multiple elements of the same page and is extremely easy to use. It comes with more than 20 color gradient presents and offers a wide range of customizable options.


Glowspot Plugin

GLOWSPOT is one of the jQuery plugin that helps to make users web page elements modern and professional using the glow effects. The user interface looks very clean, neat, professional and elegant. It is intended for creating GLOW effects when users hover over them. Such effect can be integrated to logos, images, text in all browsers. It is very useful plugin that helps in creating high quality professional web design.

Apply Effects Quickly

Apply Effects Quickly with Glowspot

Using this plugin user can apply quick shining effects to the web page elements. This is the simplest way of using glow effects; users can quickly add a desired effect on the selected item. This plugin includes gallery of choices with a single click users can able to apply default effect on any selected elements pf the web page or even on their personal projects. These galleries several variants of each effect that is designed to give an outstanding look for web page elements. User can also format multiple effects by using the gallery when more than one element is selected on the page. GLOWSPOT jquery plugins offers users to fine tune the things with amazing customization effects. Each of the effects has its own set of controls that permits fine tune every aspect of the effect. This allows users to make highly customized effects to give an element a unique look and feel.

It includes many custom options such as

Text Color is Amazing

Allows users to choose which color the text should glow, so users can select the colors of the text according to their website theme and content.

Halo Color

The Halo color in supported browsers.


This feature permits users to adjust the size of the Halo in supported browsers.


This amazing option allows user to control the speed and duration of the Glowing effects in the elements.

Browsers Supports

This plugin works well with all major browsers and tested on iPhone and iPad as well.

Glowspot jQuery Plugin Download Link

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    really nice and implemented easily. thanks for sharing

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