Make Your Dashboard Graphs Using Graphene Toolkit

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jQuery Plugins and Tools

With the growing technology in web development the job of web developers and web designers is becoming difficult. jQuery plugins and tools are easy approach for them that make lives of web designers and developers comparatively easier as they are really quick and easy to use. They let them achieve a lot without putting much effort and time; it also saves a lot of money for them as well. This is why JavaScript libraries and plugins are so much in demand. Trends in web designing and web development change quickly, so web developers and designers should know about the latest plugins and tools. With these plugins and tool one can keep his website ahead of the crowd.

Working with jQuery Plugins Is Fun

jQuery has changed the way users interact with websites and web applications, developers and designers know that working with jQuery plugins is a joy .They work so well in web development because of the flexibility. Finding high quality and efficient tools is not an easy task but the same time can be very time consuming. The jQuery has tremendous and a huge range of plugins and tools that help to save production time and also promote a source of learning for developers and designers. There are many useful and helpful jQuery plugins and JavaScript libraries that can show the data visually directly on the websites. Some of them are such as Flot, JGharts, jQuery Chart Plugin, Graphene toolkit, and more.

Dashboard Introduction

A dashboard is a single page real time user interface that is designed to show graphical presentation of the current status which is helpful in making immediate decisions. A Dashboard places the data the users need in a visual, easy to understand format. A dashboard is a visual display of the most important data that is required to achieve one or more objective. It provides an overview that is needed to know when an action requires and also enables users to add information when it is needed to determine the action that is most suitable for the situation. It is cute when data present in graphs, pictures and charts, gauges, meters the users can understand it better comparatively when the same data is presented as text.
DASHBOARD has become very popular in website development as they deliver visual information for the users. Dashboards can be described as performance indicators relevant to a particular object or business process. Dashboard gives information about a particular object or business letting users know something is wrong or something is right. There are some key elements to a good dashboard such as

  • It is simple to use and a good source to communicate with the people
  • It provides data information easily with graphical user interface
  • It allows users to see the data or information when they need it and they can understand the situation at any given point in time in the other words Dashboard gives a quick insight. Dashboard has the ability to balance big data so users can have information anytime. The dashboard is an important tool for the users as it not only works well for the business operations but for communicating with clients as well. Dashboards save users time in term of compiling reports and sharing information.

Dashboard Designs and Styles

The dashboards are unique and they can be designed according to user’s demand and requirements. For instance if one works for one business may not work for another. A good Dashboard design clearly displays key information to the users and makes supporting information easily accessible.


Make Your Dashboard Graphs Using Graphene Toolkit

Highly Interactive

Dashboards are different in design and intricacy but most of them are very common. They permit users to look at data information in reports and scorecards as well. Users can view the information by clicking on various items to view higher and lower levels of information.

Benefits of Dashboard

  • Fully customizable
  • Visual presentation of performance
  • It has the ability to recognize and correct the negative flows
  • It has the ability to show the detailed reports
  • Support strategies
  • Execute goals
  • Save time and provides many reports at a same time and more


Dashboards are fully customizable and they can be customized on the requirements and needs of the users. The variety of customization includes the appearance of the dashboard and the type of data. The real time Dashboard is perfect for providing push notification on mobile devices as well.

Graphene A Real-time Dashboard and Graphing Toolkit

Graphene is very useful instantaneous dashboard and a graphing toolkit that lives on the top of the graphite and it is based on D3.Js and Backbone. Js. Graphene is really a Backbone.Js and D3.Js application Provide huge capabilities of organizing live data and ease of development, Graphene offers a better way of displaying several data points in the user’s dashboard. Users can make their dashboard graphs easily using Graphene toolkit.


Managing tons of data users find it difficult to use common graphing libraries because it is hard to fit in terms of styling. Using Graphene toolkit kit users is able to just style with CSS. Most graphic elements are SVG, applying just common CSS rules should give users everything they need.


Graphene toolkit allows users to apply different color in dashboard graph, applying color and styles users can get multiple graphs in the dashboard but they still keep a general notion of style that relates to the previous one.

Some of the features summarized below such as

  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Completely customizable
  • Users can see detail information in graphs and pictures
  • Helps to focus on specific items of information that need attention
  • Shows multiple graphs in dashboard
  • Quickly add the information that is needed to take an action
  • It helps users by showing common mistakes and also keeps them away from making such mistakes again
  • Contain one or more pages to display a variety of reusable reports and information.
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Compatible with many browsers


Graphene is a useful and free toolkit that helps in dashboard graphing which is based on D3 and Backbone.js and displays multiple data points in the dashboard.

Official Graphene Toolkit Link


  1. kerimoleevige

    July 24, 2013 at 2:40 am

    i am surprised to get on first pitch in search engine, its useful, helping and creative graph.

  2. Beck Rolando

    July 29, 2013 at 3:08 am

    creative and well presentable anywhere in web.

  3. Xavier

    August 8, 2013 at 9:26 am

    i was unable to make like this even through hand coded javascript but now i can do better and in different kind of graph presentations. thanks for this handy plugin

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