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It is a matter of fact that the pro blogger is in a need of some sort of blogging platform all the time for the sake of completing their blog tasks in the way which they like and in this regard, the Ghost is very popular these days. So here I come up with the review of the Sleek and Elegant Ghost Themes which all are the premium templates and can be utilized for the professional blogging.

1 – Aerology – Responsive Ghost Theme

Aerology - Responsive Ghost Theme

The Aerology is a 100% responsive theme for the superb blogging platform of Ghost and the theme itself is well equipped with a larger number of web design tools which any blogger may demand for the better completion of his valuable web based tasks. The exclusive Google fonts make it presence pleasing to the eye and the Social Network sharing adds more spice in it. The Aerology provides you full media support as well, including the Image, Video & SoundCloud facility.

Demo // Download Theme

2 – Apollo – Responsive Ghost Theme

Apollo - Responsive Ghost Theme

The minimalist approach Ghost theme is offered to you in the form of the Apollo, which is not only a fully responsive theme, but well furnished with smooth animations that will definitely provide your blog a bit of flare in an easy and a trouble free manner. This theme is cross browser so you do not have to worry that your visitor is using which kind of web browser or electronic device while utilizing it.

Demo // Download Theme

3 – Scarlet – Multi-Purpose Masonry Style Ghost Theme

Scarlet - Multi-Purpose Masonry Style Ghost Theme

The Scarlet Ghost theme is really remarkable that you are able to use almost any kind of personal web browsing tasks just the way you like. It is a modern, responsive theme that has the ability to offer you a user friendly environment for the sake of creating a super quality blog. Media support is also included within the theme which is consisting of Image, vimeo, youtube, soundcloud, mixcloud to serve you more.

Demo // Download Theme

4 – Trek: Responsive Ghost Theme

Trek: Responsive Ghost Theme

If you are a person who likes to have a journey to the natural beauty of mountains, then this is the Ghost theme which has the ability to provide you such kind of environment in a remarkable mode. It is a simple and clean theme and contains lots of things for you such as the image gallery with carousel and popup / lightbox and many others. You will find the Google Maps here also which all are decorated with a number of good looking themes.

Demo // Download Theme

5 – Roboto Responsive Ghost Theme

Roboto Responsive Ghost Theme

You know that the minimalist is a very trendy approach and the Roboto Responsive Ghost Theme is particularly designed and developed on this idea. It is a clean theme which is fully responsive where you will get the chance to upload your logo and cover image with ease in the ghost admin section that you will find in the theme. And, if you want better smooth scrolling, the theme gives you the Custom Scroll Bar for this intention.

Demo // Download Theme

6 – Norrsken – Clean & responsive Ghost theme

Norrsken - Clean & responsive Ghost theme

The Norrsken theme is fully responsive ghost theme that has the masonry layout & infinite scroll that will facilitate you in the way which you like. If you have the photo focused content on your blog making project, the theme gives you a perfect feature image over excerpt facility for this aim which will make your blog more effective. A total of 6 colors of the theme is given to you with 12 social icons and the glowing animations which help you in order to customize the theme just according to your demand.

Demo // Download Theme

7 – Mason: A Responsive Masonry Style Ghost Theme

Mason: A Responsive Masonry Style Ghost Theme

This is a masonry based fully responsive that you are to utilize for the sake making a larger number of blogging jobs easily and effectively, but the main target of this excellent Ghost theme is the field of photography, illustration, graphic design and art. Along with the facility of adding text and images which you like, it supports embedded video and audio from the famous platforms consisting of the YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and many others.

Demo // Download Theme


8 – Word – A Simple, Content Focused Ghost Theme

Word - A Simple, Content Focused Ghost Theme

The Word is a plain and minimal theme which focuses on content and designed for the Ghost lovers. As the name speaks itself, the Word theme is produced and developed for the bloggers the nature of their web design jobs is reading & writing and thus it is best for sharing your stories, knowledge and ideas with anyone around the globe. The highlight.js feature is especially added for the content that you can use for the objective of highlights the syntax.

Demo // Download Theme

9 – Annisa – Responsive Ghost Theme

Annisa - Responsive Ghost Theme

A great fully responsive theme for the platform of Ghost is given to you in the shape of Annisa that has the capability to make your blog a pro look. If you like to have videos in your blog, then this Ghost is the best choice for you since it makes you able to embed the video that you like from the worldwide video platforms like YouTube, vimeo and other lots of others. You can utilize this theme easily.

Demo // Download Theme

10 – Blogging Story Responsive Ghost 0.4 Theme

Blogging Story Responsive Ghost 0.4 Theme

The Blogging Story is a fully responsive Ghost theme which is made for the creative bloggers, designers and all and sundry who likes to work differently. Basically the theme focused on the content of your blog which will be more prominent with the aid of with a clean and beautiful design that will grab the attention of the viewer in his very first glance. This theme will appear wonderfully on both the desktop and mobile devices.

Demo // Download Theme

11 – City Hunt

City Hunt

If you are a person who enjoys writing about your trips on the immense universe of the internet then the City Hunt should be your topmost choice for this aim. It is a flat, responsive theme for the platform of Ghost which works on all the modern browsers in an easy manner. You are able to utilize this theme easily, even if you are not a pro blogger and the make focus of this amazing Ghost theme is typography.

Demo // Download Theme

12 – MixMatch: A Mix-and-Match Typography Style Ghost T

MixMatch: A Mix-and-Match Typography Style Ghost T

The style of this wonderful Ghost theme is a mix and match typography that will provide you the up to the minute blog making environment. It is although suitable for the content focused blog, but good at show multi type media content in the up to date style as well. The social sharing on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are also added for each of your post.

Demo // Download Theme

13 – Flatina – Responsive Ghost Theme

Flatina - Responsive Ghost Theme

The Fatina is a fully responsive Ghost theme that can be utilized easily by anyone, no matter the user is an expert blogger or not. With the aid of it’s only one of its kind clean design, you can create a marvelous blog of your dream. You are able to customize the Fatina theme easily just according to the demand of your blog.

Demo // Download Theme

14 – Flaty – Simple Flat Theme For Ghost

Flaty - Simple Flat Theme For Ghost

For the lovers of Ghost theme, this is a great theme that has a Clean Flat design and the main focus of the theme is those the main objective of whom is to write.  The theme contains smooth animations and widgets to serve you well. The help option in the theme provides you the value enhancement tips & tricks for your Blog.

Demo // Download Theme

15 – Brave responsive ghost theme

Brave responsive ghost theme

This theme is attention grabbing that has the unique post list and other feature which you may demand for the ideal completion of your blog. The features of very clean design, HTML 5 & CSS 3, Google fonts makes it a right choice for blogging as you are able to utilize this theme easily as well.

Demo // Download Theme

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