Well-Developed HTML5 and CSS3 Sticky SlideIn, SlideOut Content Panel

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What is Content Panel? Know about its Scope!

Content Panel is a place for the management and upgrading of content. No doubt, content is known as the King of the website. The jQuery content panel is quiet simple and convenient to use, it is light in weight as well. This impressive jQuery plugin permits users’ smooth changing content in and out of the panel places anywhere on the page. However, one enjoys a serial of contents on jQuery plugins with a single page content panels can be div factors or span, moreover the buttons employed to switch the content can be a mere concern with anything, so long as they have the accurate classes dispensed.

Content Panel management is very simple, you can work on set up by following some steps; build on a panel, as you desire to switch the content anywhere in or out, shape up your buttons then dole out the particular cases as well as ID’s. You can place the switcher buttons anywhere as you want same as tabbed or folding style. You can shape your buttons or page style either size. You can enjoy two different types of transition effects you can select from slider and fader.

Sticky SlideIn / Slide Out Content Panel

Sticky SlideIn / Slide Out Content Panel

Sticky SlideIn / Slide Out Content Panel

It is a complete content panel; its fully elegant and attractive HTML5 and CSS3 Sticky SlideIn, SlideOut Content Panel has strong powers of coding that is XHTML Strict 1.0 / HTML5 as well as CSS3. Though observed to alleviate the fine-tuning, one can easily submit it on the website just in some minutes. One can do its slide out from the left to right and from up top.

Extremely Lightweight

The jQuery Content Panel is dynamically lightweight, its weight is (4Kb) (1Kb when minified, It has no need to do attempt to execute every action under the sun like some other plugins, it is fully attractive and simple to the point, this knobs content all over extra features and that’s all. This is amazingly lean.

Styling and Appearance

HTML5 and CSS3 Sticky SlideIn, SlideOut Content Panel


jQWidgets deploys a collection of css files, jqx.[theme name] css and jqx base css. The consisting stylesheet develops the styles linked to the widgets layout such as border-width, padding, position and margin. Another CSS file focuses upon the widget’s background and colors. The jqx must be listed before the second CSS file.

Here you can a proper list of CSS classes used by jqxPanel.

  • jqx-panel – applied to jqxPanel’s ‘DIV’
  • jqx-panel-

When someone boosts up a custom style with appropriate backgrounds and colors for jqxPanel, one must be bound by the following.

  • Add the above CSS classes related to jqxPanel
  • After each CSS class, add your theme name.
  • For example:
  • jqx-panel-summer

To implement the custom style to jqxPanel, one need to manage its theme property choice to highlight your theme name string.

  • 9 color schemes included – one can easily add more
  • Valid XHTML Strict 1.0 / HTML5
  • Valid CSS3
  • Fully customizable
  • CSS only – no Javascript framework needed
  • Wrap any HTML items
  • Slides from left, right and top
  • Less than 5Kb

jQuery Expand/Collapse Slider Panel to Blogger

jQuery Expand/Collapse Slider Panel to Blogger

Several moments when someone ponders regarding creating a blog, on the spot he is bound to include multiple gadgets, though several are not compulsory, either might be some are stuck with them. Rather sometimes one has the need enough to include gadgets that require one. A specific concept would be to deploy an expanding/collapsing menu that is concealed and stretches when the user starts clicking on it.

Create Featured Content Slider Using jQuery UI

Presenting of the amazing content of your website either blog in an amazing discerning style will definitely hold additional eyeballs. Deploying an auto-content slider is one of the inspiring techniques to present the stylish content. This secures user space and develop a better user experience, if someone punches an eye candy to it, then there is nothing impression back. Here are some good tutorials that can help users in creating dynamic featured content sliders such as one from CSS Tricks rather it deploys jQUery Coda Slider Plugin.

Download Sticky SlideIn SlideOut Content Panel

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