Track Your Sales And Leads On Instagram To Increase ROI

Audience love interacting with the Instagram business.

Instagram has become the home of brands where customer engagement is high, followers are brand loyal and real business goals can be achieved. Also, many businesses prefer using social media service providers like Trollishly to gain higher revenue. More than 25 million companies use Instagram business and active monthly users grow at a faster rate.

Instagram is an entire feed of visual simulation encouraging interactions at its highest level.There are two things that you need to think about for any business:

  • Industry fit

Industries such as Automobile, fashion, beauty, travel are taking advantage of Instagram. Like in any industry, Instagram marketing requires proper planning.

Planning out your Instagram campaigns, content stories, and even hashtags ahead of time gives more leads from Instagram marketing efforts.

  • Visual content

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Instagram users are living for visual storytelling. Any business can benefit from Instagram marketing with a little creative and innovative skill. Visual content is 40 times more likely gets shared on social media than other types of content

Instagram is an effective platform for your small business to engage with your audience, show them what you are up to, continue building strong relationships, and increase your lead to deal conversion rate.

Use your Instagram business account as your inspiration; here are few Instagram leads and sales tips to increase your ROI (Return on Investment).

Engage With Your Audience

For any type of business on Instagram, you have to increase audience engagement to generate leads. To increase followers on Instagram, buy Instagram Views service and increase your followers count gradually. Give attention to your audience’s comment and try to follow them back.

Offer something exclusive– Extending your promotions and give away is an exceptional way to stay active, drive engagement, and encourage users to purchase your products. 

Share User Content

Instagram is an effective platform for sharing user-generated content to take advantage of both social proof and engagement. Like any other social media platform, the Instagram audience wants consistency. Consistency in the quality of your content and consistency in your post schedule.

Extend Your Target Audience

In-depth knowledge of your Instagram target audience is an essential part of successful Instagram marketing. Unless you know what motivates your followers and when they are active you won’t have much success in reaching them at the right time.

So it is important to know the best Instagram targeting tactics to reach your target audience.  

  1. Competitive Insights– Having the knowledge of what your competitors have and what kind of posts they are publishing can give you some idea of how your Instagram business looks like. Discover important audience insights such as their followers, brand mentions, demographics, and fill up your gaps and missing audience segments.
  2. Research Your Audience– It is one of the key steps to understand your target audience and execute effective Instagram targeting. The best way is social listening– know what your audience is talking about and what they are interested in. Create Instagram stories polls to narrow down on specific of their likes, dislikes, interests, shopping behavior, hobbies, etc.
  3. Leverage Right HashtagsRight hashtag gets you to the right audience! Hashtags combine people with common interests together. People having an interest in your product or service will follow your hashtag, purchase products, increase engagements, coverts lead to a deal. Besides your regular feed, tag your stories with the relevant hashtags to earn customer engagement and profit.
  4. Location Tagging– Make use of Instagram’s location tagging feature to enhance your post visibility among the target audience. People interested in your product or service captured at those locations will be able to see your posts in their search results. If your content is relevant to your target audience, there is a good chance of viewing and engaging on your profile.
  5. Identify Right Influencers– Once you find the right influencers to partner them for your Instagram brand you can approach them in several ways such as:
  • Ask them to share your posts with their followers
  • Run a contest by partnering with them to increase more audience
  • Get them to position your brand or service
  • Entreat them to Review your product
  1. Inspire From Analytics Data– Find what resonates with the audience by knowing what type of content gets more engagement. With analytics data, strengthen your Instagram marketing strategy and develop more engaging content.


Targeting Instagram audience reach is a work in progress. Target the right customer, increase your brand visibility with customer engagements and know your audience’s interests. Follow these steps to increase your sales and leads conversion which will help you to grow your Instagram business.